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The Cartel 2
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Diamonds are forever . . . or are they? The Cartel runs Miami, and loyalty to their organization runs deep, but when someone breaks the rules, things may be beyond repair. A snitch in the crew has dismantled the notorious Cartel, and now disloyalty threatens to tear the family apart. Young Carter is in the fight for his life, as he faces drug kingpin charges due to the treachery of his best friend, Ace.
Kidnapping, murder, deception, and seduction fill this highly anticipated sequel. Will Zyir find out that Breeze is still alive? Will Mecca be exposed as his brother's killer? Is Miamor dead or alive? Ashley and JaQuavis are back with The Cartel 2. Their twisted tale of deceit will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out what happens next.

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They have done it again!!!! Classic Ashley and Jaquavis


Ashley and Jaquavis have proven themselves once again in this sequel. It will glue you to the seat your in and pull you right in. I got lost in the world of Diamond family and the murder mamis. Straight from page one you are refreshed with a quick recap and then thrusted right into the story to the very shocking end. I don't read and tell so get it for yourself and i promise you won't be disappointed. Can you say Classic. Well, I can so get ready to ride with the Cartel on another heart thumping ride through another page turner. Great jobs once again to these two fantabulous authors.



So Salty..... What I thought was a great read, turned out to be such a disappointment. I got pass the errors such as the songs that were mentioned that weren't even out, or the fashion worn that wasn't in style at that time period, etc. But when I got to the ending I felt totally hoodwinked. I deserve a refund. I don't want to give away or shed too much light on why I was so heavily disappointed for obvious reasons. However, on the flip side, we do learn in depth about the Murder Mama's. We learn how they were created and the history behind Miramor's cold blooded heart. I am anxiously awaiting part three. Since none of my questions were answered in part 2, I guess I'll sit here and twiddle my thumbs until next time. A message to the dynamic duo........ You have me MAD! Therefore you get 2 stars from me. So Half a**ed!

Most cop-out ending ever!


Okay, so the writing was all right...I was getting into the story, and enjoying all the twists and turns and character developments. I was shaking my head at the idiosyncrasies - come on, there was a lot of stuff that was supposed to have happened years and years ago, and the characters are wearing skinny jeans? At that time, flare legs were in style. And there are songs the characters listen to, and slang they use, that weren't around in that time frame either. I truly believe that if a writer is going to do flashback scenes, their history better be on point! And shame on their editor for not catching that either! But anyway, the reason I'm only giving this 2 stars is for the ending. As I said, the storyline in and of itself was pretty good, full of drama, I was excited to get the end, and then... ***WARNING!!! SPOILERS BELOW!!! DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!*** The writers dropped the ultimate cop-out ending on their readers with the ending. It was all a dream...are you frigging serious?!? That stopped being a creative ending back at the turn of the century - the turn of the 20th century, that is! You don't do something like that, especially if you're going to do a part 3. And okay, maybe I could see them having part of the book being a dream, but I've already read part 3 - you don't go and basically re-write the whole story with completely different plot twists and ending just because part 2 was supposed to have been all a dream in Miamor's head. Big cop-out, big waste of reader money, I am so unamused!

Terrible - all 4


I can't believe what I was reading. For the series to be about a Cartel they were soft as hell!. A lot of what they did after the father died made no sense. And everyone was aware of how things should go. I think the two authors weren't in sync. In one paragraph something would be said and in the next chapter something would be written about that same subjust but as though it wasn't mentioned earlier. And the worst of it all. Miamor dreampt all of what happened in book 2? Are you kidding me. All 4 books were all of the place when it came to the deaths of Meca, Money, Carter and Breeze. There were 3 different endings. Meca, Breeze and Carter all died more than once (oh yeah a dream) and on more than one ocassion. And Money was never dead. But bodies are actually laying in open caskets? You have to be kidding. This is poor story telling at its best!!!!! Readers you are going to be all over the place...story lines, and deaths are completley out of order. Let's not forget they are in a war "again" during the time of Breeze's "first" death. But Miamor was able to give the mother a drink of wine at the homegoing and she had only met her once?! Like I said this book was out of order and irritating to read. They are the Cartel. Their father led the largest criminal racket in Miami and they acted as if they had no enemies, even when the war was called off. I refuse to read another book by these authors. A message to the authors: if you are going to write as a team - PLEASE know what the other is writing and if you are going to add your work, make it relate. The series lacked quality in writing The story didn't have to be real to be quality.



The book was very well written, I recommend that you buy it if you only want to know more about the murder mammas and how thay came about other then that none of your questions are answered from the first book you can skip strait to book three. I think this book was just about money because after reading this it clearly should not have been a trilogy but I will be buying the third book because I do like these two authors and want to know whats going to happen next.

Are you kidding me??????


This whole book was a damn dream. Waste of money and waste of damn time. I wouldn't even recommend it or even skip to 3. This series should off stopped at 1! Save your money.

They got me hooked


After Cartel 1 I found myself wondering how they were gonna pull of the sequel considering how many of the main characters didn't make the cut. I was pleasantly surprised at the direction of this book. It's part here and now and part reflective. It gives the background of the woman who owns Young Carter's heart and what made her into the "Murder Mama" that she is. The twist at the end is was unexpected, it leaves me in a similar space as the end of Cartel 1 did. Overall greatly enjoyed the book. Can't wait for the next installment.



I was really into the book. I loved it all in less than 24 hours but the very last words of the book startled me. It was all a dream to Miamore???? I wish I'd just read 1 and 3....

One day read!!!


I received the book in the mail 10/28/09 and was finished by noon 10/29/09. I could not put this book down. I love Ashley & Jaquavis' books. They did not let me down with this one. GREAT BOOK!!! I'm so mad I have to wait until June 2010 to see what's going to happen in The Cartel 3.

Subterfuged Fan


I have read Urban books by many authors, But The Cartel was my first by A & J. I said to myself I must read more by these two authors, but after reading this one i don't think there will be two many more. True enough the two are very gifted writers, & i will read the Cartel III as will everyone else who has read part I & II, but unless you wanna know how the Murder Mamas got to be who they are, you can literally skip from Part I to Part III & not miss anything. I was a little sad but please with the outcome of part II until the last couple of pages, & then i was like what the hell this can't be true. We have been Hoodwinked! The Authors could have added 50 more pages into Part I & told us the story of the Murder Mamas & finish the series in Part II, but i guess they wanted to extend the series since this book was highly anticipated & make somemore cash. I know The Cartel III is gonna be off the chain because to me the Cartel II was actually better than Part I until the last couple of pages. Carter is my favorite character & i think there is a aura about his character that needs to be explained & i hope A & J go into depth a little more about him. I am not bashing the book, it is an excellent read. It picks up right where it left off, but if you are looking for answers to what happen from Carter I. You will be like the rest of us waiting for The Carter III to come out.

Not Impressed & Very Disappointed Again:(


Where do I start with this book review,I dont want to give the book away but how do I write a review on a book not based on reality.Cartel 2 reads like two books in one,half the book is about the origin of Miamor & the Murder Mama's,the other half of the book centers around the love affair between Miamor & Carter Jones and all the drama that comes with there relationship.You get a better understanding of Miamor & get to know her better in this book.Carter & the Cartel have there own issues to deal with in this book but it's hard to appreciate & relate to what's going on because of the way it ended. Cartel 2 is a decent book but I was not feeling the way it ended,but Ashley and Jaquavis could have & should have given us the readers a much better & more of a believable ending.There was no reason for the Cartel series to be a trilogy because the origin of Miamor & the Murder Mamas could have & should have been written into part 1 which would have made it a much better book. Another problem I had with this book was this,the early years of Miamor,Anisa and the Murder Mamas takes place in NYC "BKLYN STAND UP" I was born,raised and still live in the NYC area,the authors did a very poor job of describing life in the hoods of the Big Apple.The few areas & places that where mentioned where written about in such poor detail I didn't have any idea of what part of NYC they where talking about.If your writting a book that takes place in a certain city,learn more about the streets,areas & neighborhoods your going to be writting about.A & J should have done there homework & better research before they decided to write about NYC in this book. Before I start reading a book I like to read as many reviews as I can so I can get some idea of what the book is about,if it will be worth buying & reading.On amazon 73 people gave this book a 5 star review,I would like to know what book those 73 people where reading because it wasn't the same book I read.This was not a 5 star book maybe 2 or 3 stars at the most.With that being said after being disappointed with the Cartel 2 it's going to be real hard to start,stay with & finish reading Cartel 3.

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