The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening (Shorter Eleventh Edition)

The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening (Shorter Eleventh Edition)
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Easy to read, easy to teach, The Enjoyment of Music has been the most trusted introduction to music for over five decades.

The Eleventh Edition reflects how today's students learn, listen to, and live with music. With an accessible, student-friendly treatment of the subject, it emphasizes context to show how music fits in the everyday lives of people throughout history, and connects culture, performance, and technology to the lives of students today. The new edition features a streamlined and memorable narrative, more cultural and historical context, and in-text features that encourage and develop critical thinking skills.

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Centuries of Music Combined Into One Textbook


'The Enjoyment of Music' was actually enjoyable to read, for being a textbook! It discusses music from the Middle Ages to the present. For each song that the chapter covers, it contains a listening guide. The listening guides include some tips on what to listen for, what instruments are playing, the English translations for lyrics in foreign languages, and some other stuff for the music lover. It also has biographical notes on composers and historical notes on the time periods. The only thing I wish this book covered a little more thoroughly was the definitions of their words.

Fantastic Find/Excellent price


I needed this book for the class I was taking. The book was perfect and full of all the information I needed for class; the CD was actually a STUDY GUIDE DVD which was AWESOME; I copied the music CDs from my classmate. Having the DVD was a sweet bonus!!! Got an A in class so I can honestly say the Book and DVD rocked!!

Good condition


Got the book just in time for class and it was in good condition. Mine came with the online access code which I wasn't expect so that was nice as it saved me ~$15. (I still haven't used it)

A good read for music lovers!


I bought this book for a Music Appreciation class, and I really like the book. I am not much into history, but I do love music. This book gives insight into the history of music and historical people who have changed music over time. I think the book is great!



I purchased this book from this specific user because they listed the product as "new". It wasn't listed as "used". There are sub categories within the "used" group such as, "like new, excellent, great, good, fair" and so on. Anyway this book was listed as "new" so I bought it. When I received the book I realized the book was not "new" nor was is "like new". Pages were bent and you could tell it had some signs of damage. There is also a code that comes in a new book that I needed for school. Not only was the book not "new" but the code had been used by the seller and the bio about the book said no such thing about the code being used. When I contacted the seller they claimed when they listed the book as "new" they meant it was "like new". Not only was it not "new" it wasn't even "like new" condition wise. The seller agreed to refund a small amount of money I have to spend in order to buy the code I needed but it has been 3 months and they haven't responded to any of my emails. Terrible experience and I couldn't be more displeased. I wouldn't recommend this seller to anyone.

New Product (Enjoyment of Music Textbook) As Decribed


When the it arrived in the mail, I was a little disappointed that I paid $66.67 for a new textbook that didn't come with the set of 4 CDs, but I realized that you were supposed to buy it separately. If it weren't for the access codes, I would have saved a lot of money and bought a used book. However, the access to the interactive online database really helps on tests and quizzes. This book is really useful and good at making musical terminology easy to understand. If you need it for a class, I would recommend it.

Five Stars



Five Stars



Four Stars


Just what I was expecting

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is The Enjoyment of Music and it was written by Kristine Forney, Joseph MacHlis. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Jan 15, 2011 and it has a suggested retail price of $75.00. It was published by W. W. Norton & Company and has a total of 528 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 0393934152 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780393934151. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.