The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom's Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections

The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom's Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections
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Brooke Burke
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Amazon Exclusive: Teresa Strasser and Brooke Burke: Author One-on-One

Teresa Strasser is an Emmy-winning writer, radio personality (as Adam Carolla's long-suffering sidekick) and the author of Exploiting My Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Teresa Strasser Teresa: Do you get sick of hearing how amazing you look after having four kids? Do you sometimes just want to roll your eyes and go, "I knooooooow. What else is new?"

Brooke: That's funny. Compliments are too few as a mom, so hell no! I'll take it all! I know our society is obsessed with fitness and I am too, so its ok.

Teresa: Writing a book is kind of like having a baby, strenuous and miserable during delivery but ultimately satisfying. Am I right? Do you feel your brain has stretch marks now?

Brooke: Well said, and yes totally. There were many days when I thought it would never be done. It was very revealing, therapeutic, and insightful. Writing honestly made me dissect many areas of my life. My older kids actually said, "I think you are a better mom since you wrote your book!" I'm not sure if that is good or bad, LOL!

Teresa: Your book is titled The Naked Mom, which made me wonder: what's more uncomfortable, being emotionally naked or literally naked?

Brooke: Ooooh, good one! Well, the first time I posed naked was terrifying, and there haven't been many. But being emotionally vulnerable is harder. People are always ready to judge and criticize, and The Naked Mom reveals parts of me that no one has seen before. I do what I do because I truly believe there is a LOT to learn from sharing with each other, woman to woman. I know that other moms are going through the same things I am, and I am not afraid to admit my most difficult moments and flaws.

Teresa: Which DWTS judge would you like to see naked? And which judge would most appreciate a great read?

Brooke: Bruno, because regardless, he'll make you laugh; he'll perform for you and he's full of personality to keep you interested! Len would not only appreciate a great read, but I think he'd make a great read. I'd love to hear Len's story.

Brooke Burke Teresa: You sell post-pregnancy belly wraps. Are those made with lavash or tortilla? I'm hungry!

Brooke: Trust me, you wouldn't want to eat your way to the middle! Remember how yucky you felt right after birth, all that extra baggy baby skin! Don't we give enough as mothers--why do they take our bods too! Tauts is a compression garment that helps your tummy get back in shape fast!

Teresa: If I had won the coveted Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy and I looked like you, I would stare at the trophy and thus myself all day. Where do you keep that thing?

Brooke: No, you wouldn't! It's too painful to remember all the pulled and torn muscles...I keep it in my closet; not hiding, on my vanity. It used to rotate through my girls' rooms. Everyone who visits wants a pic with it, not ME!

Teresa: Did you ever mistake Derek Hough for one of your kids?

Brooke: I used to mother him during rehearsals and pack him a lunch in the am while getting my kids ready. He's actually grown up a LOT since season 7. Even a bit sexy now.

Teresa: You gave your kids really cool names (Neriah, Sierra, Rain and Shaya). Did you review in your head possible ways other kids would make fun of those names, or did you just go for it?

Brooke: I was teased as a kid too. Say Brooke Burke fast and it sounds like a chicken. No, my kids are tough and they will handle that shallow stuff.

Teresa: When people ask you if you are going to have another baby, do you A) throw a Skecher fitness sneaker at their sternum B) seriously consider it because five can't be much harder than four C) tell them you've got a mirror ball trophy to polish or D) tell Bruno to mind his own business?

Brooke: I say "How when where WHY?!?" My real problem is David says YES and he thinks I'm only 27!!!

Product Description

Brooke Burke knows all too well that when raising four children, running a household, tending a relationship, building a multimillion-dollar business, and pursuing a television career, there's no room for pretense or posturing. Rejecting the idea that there's some simple step-by-step path to the Perfect Body, the Perfect Relationship, or the Perfect Career, she reveals the truths about motherhood with the sincerity that today's smart, sexy, and soulful moms need. Brooke lets readers know what really goes on behind the scenes of her surprisingly ordinary life as a celebrity mom, and how she manages to make it all work...on a good day!

From tips on caring for themselves, to her own stories about the missteps she's made as a mother, to advice on how to handle the tough emotional challenges moms face, Brooke paints an honest picture of motherhood that all women can relate to, insisting that it's not about being right or wrong-it's about being their authentic, naked selves.

Customer Book Reviews

The Naked Mom is not afraid to tell it like it is.


I found The Naked Mom to be an honest and frank take on motherhood. When I first received the book I had to check out the picture section. Yes, I'm an adult, but the kid in me still loves pictures the best. I always especially like seeing other peoples family shoots. In this book however it wasn't a picture in particular, but a photo caption that made me laugh out loud and immediately made me feel connected to Brooke. The caption states, " Four kids, fourteen bags, seven airplanes and twelve meltdowns- our first European vacation together as a family". Celebrity or not Brooke is a mom and with motherhood comes drama of all kinds. I can't imagine taking four kids to Europe. We took our eldest son there when he was a little under two years old. We had a lot of fun, but there were definately meltdowns and perhaps even a couple from me. Anyway after reading this caption I was eager to read her book. Brooke is not afraid to tell it like it is. Guts and glory, embarrassment and triumph she does not cover up the details of her life. As an example she wrote about the time she accidentally left her daughter in the car. The story sounds horrible and traumatizing for a mother, not the kind of thing you want to write about. Therefore her title really is fitting. She is baring herself, not physically of course, rather her feelings and experiences. Brooke mentions throughout the book her website I don't believe I had ever heard of that before reading her book. Of course I wanted to check it out and I was blown away. Modern Mom is a well designed, well written blog. I have already bookmarked the site and plan on returning frequently. Recently I had the a personal experience with Katherine Heigl and now after reading Brooke's book I definitely feel a kinship with them. There are so many experiences that tie all moms together regardless of profession or background. Reading or hearing about these experiences makes me feel reassured as a mom. That sense of I'm not alone is very powerful. Perhaps that is why mommy blogs are so successful. Brooke is successful in creating a mommy community through her website and proves she is a very relatable mom in The Naked Mom.

Encourages you to express and accept your whole self


I loved this book and finished it quickly. Good thing as my 3yr old son decided to chop up the cover with sisscors he found accidently left out and then for good measure stab the front. It is still readable and I have asked my husband to read it and then offered it to a mother friend of mine. I want my husband to read it so he can hear from another point of view a lot of what is going on in my life. I think Brooke is very eloquent, to the point, and wise in many of her statements. As for my friend I think she will appreciate, as I did, hearing stories she can relate to as well as advice from someone who is doing a lot of things very well, or "right" if you will. I do feel a connection to Brooke being a mother and wife, yet still wanting to have my identity and sexuality. (I love the cover, it is beautiful and SO female!)I lost my sex drive big time after my first child and can say that remembering to be a sexual creature makes staying married and creating a loving family atmosphere much easier. I have to work at remembering to do so, AND fight against societies' belief that being a sexy mom is not OK. I also have the same book she reccomended "Between Us" for me and my stepdaughter, as a way to connect. It's a rather obscure book so I was impressed she had discovered it and was using it. I have a passion for riding horses and she expresses her love of riding as well. There are many more ways in which I can relate to Brooke, but read it and find out if you connect and find bits of wisdom or new ideas in she writing. I have always found her exoticly beautiful, very healthy, and she obviously has a love of children/family. Why not allow the possibility that you can be healthy, fit, beautiful, smart, loving, sexual, kind, wise, famous, sensitive, creative, curious, and motherly all in one package. If that sounds good, why not read what she has to say and perhaps incoperate it into your life or even just feel the motherhood bond of "yeah I've been thru those crazy kid times too." As I write I have both young kids crawling on me, taping the keyboard, singing, and demanding my attention, so sorry if there are spelling errors, I'll post this with a big reccomendation as both an enjoying "pleasure" read and a parenting book. Good luck to you all in your parenting journeys!

Entertaining but limited audience


I have mixed feelings on this book. I'm not a big fan of Brooke Burke . In fact, before reading this, I knew little about her and picked this up just because it looked interesting. On one hand if you aren't a Mother or don't plan to be one , you will not get nearly as much out of this book because its written for and aimed at Moms. However, just looking at the cover will tell you that much so really , no one can't complain there. Although, I do wonder how many women , especially after 4 kids, have much of a realistic chance of looking like Ms. Burke or more to the point of having a body like hers? She swears that she has never had plastic surgery to maintain her shape or regain her body after her pregnancies relying on workouts at the gym and healthy eating to regain her flawless figure and I'll take her at her word , but I think that many women especially fatigued , stressed out, sleep deprived Mothers would need more than that to achieve the same body she has. Especially since she could afford a nanny to watch her kids so she could/can do her workouts uninterrupted which many women cannot. I'm guessing she must be one of those lucky people blessed with amazing genes. On the other hand, anyone could benefit from her diet and exercise tips and while again her advice for couples on how to keep the connection and passion alive and solid between them is aimed at parents , any couple could likely use her related experiences and lessons learned to enhance their relationship. Another high point of the book is that Ms. Burke obviously realizes that only a small percentage of her readers can afford the products she can or has consistent access to a team of highly skilled hair, makeup and beauty experts as she does so she gives several examples of homemade beauty treatments that most everyone can afford and that she herself uses. That is refreshing since many celebrities when giving this sort of lifestyle advice blithely seem that almost everyone should be able to afford $500 skin cream and $2,000 designer dresses without blinking the way they can ala Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't think I have to say how annoying that is to someone who is worlds away from ever having that sort of income. Although she seems to be aware that she lives an above average lifestyle,Ms. Burke obviously who wrote this book for people who don't. Lastly, she comes across as friendly and is very open and candid about her life , experiences and relationship with her husband David Charvet( Of Baywatch fame, among other things) which is I assume what her fans like most about her. Moms will identify with and learn the most by far from this book but its a worthwhile read for any fans of Ms. Burke or anyone interested in her life or who thinks they can improve themselves in some way by following the advice she has to offer.



I'm not finished with the book yet - however I don't want to put it down. I just love her descriptions of life in her book. She writes it in a personal view. Great job Brooke!

There's more to Brooke than you think


I became a Dancing with the Stars fan over the last few seasons. I did not watch the show when Brooke was a contestant, but obviously have seen her as co-host. I have to say that when I watched the show before reading Brooke's book, I didn't think much of her. A brunette Barbie, really. And I admit I was curious to read the book to get some dirt on the show, and her partnership with Derek. It's almost like Brooke knows this, because the first section of the book gives the details of her season as a contestant, then she goes into her days as a model and her relationships with her children, friends and men. I really enjoyed this book, and where I thought I would like Cheryl Burke's book more, the opposite happened. I found Brooke to have more to her than the host we see every Monday and Tuesday night. She has humor, personality, guilt, desires, and passion (a whole lot of those last two, actually!) I appreciate her honesty about motherhood and the "it's okay" approach to taking care of yourself before taking care of others. She is one of the few to break the celebrity wall of giving real, personalized tips and also coming forward in that she's not perfect. Writing this review, I actually want to read the book again.

enjoyable reading


Enjoyed the book, a little draggy at the beginning but then the book was enjoyable. it is like Brooke is one of us struggling moms x4. Some good advice....

Great Read !!


Great book , a tell all book by a fascinating woman ! She's a great mom , wife , friend , and still has time to make sure she stays in shape .



Amazing beyond words...I think I HAVE to read it again!!! A girl friends book for real moms...I have four kids and this book was written just for me!!! Haha...I book marked so much from each love loooooved this book!!!

Learning education


It was a good book and helped me in many ways. I'd recommend this to others as well. It was interesting.

i just love it


i love this product and maybe it is because i admire and love brooke burke even though i don't know her in person. I don't know whether anyone could be interested in this book if he/she doesn't know her work but i believe that anyone could be helped at a point. It is like a bio for herself but through her stories you can come out with some helpful tips on how to get a sexy body, making steps on understanding your children, believing in endless love and so on. She is a STAR, you can't deny. By reading this book she gave me the impression of purity and that she speaks truly by following her heart, so i just love it! Hope you like it too. i have read it twice until now. ;)

Fun and motivating


Brooke is highly motivating with a down to earth easily relatable quality to her. You see her on tv and I work out to her four fitness DVD's (five days per week), her book takes you behind the scenes and she shows you in honest detail how she tries to keep it all together combining her business's and most of all you get to know the real Brooke...a busy Mom and Wife and Friend and Daughter like all us women. You get the message that if you work and try and keep trying you can look like her and be motivated by her as she always try to strive to motivate herself. Bravo Brooke keep up the good work! Job well done. xo, Susan Lynn in Jupiter

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