The Official Nascar 2013 Preview and Press Guide: All Official Statistics and Schedules

The Official Nascar 2013 Preview and Press Guide: All Official Statistics and Schedules
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The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide showcases each team and driver and details every track, every stat, and all schedules for the forthcoming NASCAR season. This book is the NASCAR bible: your official trackside companion for the entire 2013 season.

     The Official NASCAR 2013 Preview and Press Guide is the only source for all things NASCAR. This annual publication provides fans with the complete season-in-review round-up, while it introduces each team, each driver, and details each track. This essential NASCAR publication has long been considered the NASCAR bible and the must-have reference for any fan -- serious or casual. Full of colour photographs and exciting motosport writing, the Preview and Press Guide includes the complete NASCAR schedule, track and ticket information, and all the stats, records, and results that racing fans want to know. This publication spans over 300 pages and offers fans the opportunity to see the latest line-up of drivers and the cars they will be driving this season. All images are officially released by the teams and so the latest team colours and paint schemes will be revealed in the 2013 guide. This is the most exciting book of the NASCAR season.

Customer Book Reviews

Great for NASCAR fans!


I've bought a similar guide since 1993 from UMI Publications. Unfortunately they were discontinued a few years ago. My son and I were very happy that this is available again. It is a great publication containing not only current information but a lot of historical statistics on drivers and tracks. I hope this Guide continues to be published but I have not been able to find the 2014 version.

NASCAR still knows how to present its series


I was an avid follower of the Preview and Press Guide for years until it was discontinued in 2010. I truly missed it as it is great to have all the stats about the drivers and racetracks right at your fingertips. I also keep track of who wins the current year races and where my favorite driver finishes and is in the points standing in the book. I am one of those people who does not like to run to a computer or I-phone to look something up. I want my info in my hands, safe for any future references I may want to make. This guide has everything a true NASCAR fan could want - facts about all the drivers and champions in all the NASCAR sanctioned series, all track info and how to get tickets, a past win list. as well as finishing orders for all of last year's races in Sprint Cup and owner standings at the end of last season, list of most popular driver winners over the years, and much more. I hope they never discontinue it again!



I really enjoy the format and information. Very informative. I wish it would become available earlier before the season starts.



great guide on all the drivers and tracks. great info regarding the tracks and any type of statistics you need to know.

Ultimate NASCAR guide book


This Preview and Press Guide used to be commonaly available but for the past several years I could not find it locally. When I looked for it this year and was unable to find it, I checked Amazon and found it. I think the cover price may have been why many no longer carry it. The book is packed with facts on the drivers and racetracks as well as inormation on past winners and champions.



This book was perfect! My husband had talked about some statistic book for so long and I finally went to Amazon to search for what it was he meant....he was super happy to receive the book and it came in very handy, as I used sticky page tabs to mark the drivers' pages and while at a race (that was perfect when you have little time to grab signatures from rushed/busy drivers).

Really liked this product!


This product is the one stop info product of the inside information of the 2013 nascar racing season from Nextel sprint up to K&N series and even the Grand-AM racing series! Even gives you stats on the NASCAR tracks and popular drivers to watch! This is a must have and is some of the best money I've spent yet on NASCAR merchandise!

The Official Nascar 2013 Preview ans Press Guide


The older ones were better. They had more information about the driver's and families. The race schedules don't have the time and station where the races are being held. It's still good though. I have copies for the last 20 years. What to do with them?????

Best of the Best


This official NASCAR preview and press guide is hands down the go to guide for the year. It is the first place where I can find all the racing information all in one, including the NASCAR Whalen series. Very Satisfied!

I'm glad its back!


I have been buying these things for years and for the longest time they stopped making them and now they are back and I LOVE IT. A must have for any NASCAR fan. So happy to see it, I bought one for a friend too!

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Book Summary: The title of this book is The Official Nascar 2013 Preview and Press Guide and it was written by NASCAR. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Feb 13, 2013 and it has a suggested retail price of $19.99. It was published by FENN-M&S and has a total of 336 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 0771051166 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780771051166. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.