The Old Testament Story (9th Edition)

The Old Testament Story (9th Edition)
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Exploring the Literary Structure of the Old Testament


The Old Testament Story is designed for readers with little or no knowledge of the Old Testament. 


It provides complete background detail as it follows the story told by the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.  In addition, it examines the separate biblical books and illustrates their literary structure.


Teaching and Learning Experience


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Improve Critical Thinking - The Old Testament Story’s background details provide students with sufficient information so that they can examine the Old Testament within context.


Engage Students - The Old Testament Story’s readable presentation draws students into the material.


Support Instructors - Teaching your course just got easier!  You can create a Customized Text or use our Instructor’s Manual, or PowerPoint Presentation Slides.  Plus, The Old Testament Story provides two levels of structure that will allow your students to analyze all 39 books of the Protestant Christian Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.



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Customer Book Reviews

A simple straightforward history of the Hebrews


The Story of Israel is one of the textbooks for the Old Testament Survey course I teach at the community college. Because background information is essential to understanding the environment into which these people came (though VERY unpopular to students!), Dr. Tullock writes a brief but informative section on background. It is long enough to set the stage, but short enough to keep the students interested in the course. In an effort to keep the book short, Dr. Tullock does not cover everything, but does a great job overviewing and explaining the important spots. I am pleased with this book and plan to continue using it for the courses I teach.



I found the book to be a hard read on my iPad. Also, the author was a bit wordy. It was hard to follow the main events because the book got a bit too technical. However, it did what I needed for this class. I had hoped the price would have been cheaper but it wasn't too bad considering the $100+ paper edition.

Great book


This was for a class I took, it was very helpful easy reading and understanding of the different books of the Old Testament. Thanks will get another book.

Easy Easy Read


I had to use this textbook for a Hebrew History and Lit. class and it was a surprisingly easy read. Tullock does a great job painting a picture of what happened in history, and for those of us (me) who get easily confused when it comes to history (the whos, whats, and whens) I actually enjoyed reading it. It was like a novel.

Glad it came soon


Glad it came soon. There was highlighting in the book. But for the most part I'm happy with it.



It is old but has all the information you need

Five Stars





I received great service and exactly what I had asked for. The book came even sooner than I had expected it would and it was very satisfied with my order .

Very Good textbook


I buy it for my Old testament class, it's very useful and a good book.

Good Books


This is a very good book... the break down of each chapter is very helpful

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Book Summary: The title of this book is The Old Testament Story (9th Edition) and it was written by John Tullock, Mark McEntire. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Mar 10, 2011 and it has a suggested retail price of $137.80. It was published by Pearson and has a total of 416 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 0205097839 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780205097838. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.