Theories of Personality (PSY 235 Theories of Personality)

Theories of Personality (PSY 235 Theories of Personality)
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Filled with updated research and findings, the tenth edition of Schultz and Schultz's THEORIES OF PERSONALITY gives you a clear and cogent introduction to this dynamic field. Organized by theory, this popular text discusses major theorists who represent psychoanalytic, neopsychoanalytic, lifespan, trait, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, and social-learning approaches, while demonstrating the influence of events in theorists' personal and professional lives on the development of these theories. The book also explores the ways in which race, gender, and cultural issues play a part in the study of personality and in personality assessment, and includes numerous examples, tables, and figures that further enhance your understanding of the content. The final chapter, "Personality in Perspective," integrates topics explored in previous chapters and suggests conclusions that can be drawn from the many theorists' work.

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Personality Textbook


I ordered this textbook for my Personality Theory psychology course. I bought it used in fantastic condition, its like new. I like the fact that each chapter focuses on a personality theory looking at the theorists life, theory, assessments or measurements, and scientific validation of theory and evidence of theory. It came well before the expected delivery date, in fantastic condition for the price of a used textbook. The textbook also is organized and written in a clear easy way to read. This is a larger textbook, which should be taken into consideration. This textbook is definitely for the higher level psychology classes, however a rudimentary general psychology course should be taken before buying this textbook. A good general psychology textbook like the one by Ciccerelli which has its own study guide to accompany it. Definitely buy this textbook for a personality upper level psychology class. It's well organized and easy to read, using classic experiments to convey concepts.



I give this textbook an o.k. The looseleaf format was a considerable money saver and more convenient than I realised! You can't sell it back so you can feel free to highlight and write in it. Not to mention you can remove chapters one at a time to carry around with you rather than carrying the entire book. Formatting aside, one of the most boring textbooks I have read in a long time. Rather than Theories of Personality the book ought to be titles History of Theorists. Every chapter spends half the chapter discussing the autobiography of the theorists, where they are from, where they grew up, their parents, their upbringing, where they went to school...and on and on and then a short summary of their theories. Zzzzz... Not the most useful textbook, the chapter summary contains practically all the useful information of the chapter minus 10 pages of history lesson. If you like autobiographical information then buy this book! If you want personality theory information... I'd look elsewhere.

Good text


Textbooks today are incredibly costly. The information in this particular text is worth its weight in gold. Although useful as a required text for coursework, this is a book that ought to be in every family library.

It's ok


Not a huge fan of the book. I feel like there are not enough real life examples of what the concepts look like. It's kinda "fact after fact" throughout.

Great buy for a text book


I had to buy this for a class. Easy read and could really understand theories of personality. Professors should use this book

Good text, good info


Good text. Note there are substantial differences in content from the 8th edition of the text, just as an FYI.

So Car Woes bad Seller


I never recieved the book from the seller. I am very disappointed and will just keep the book he sold me because he wants me to pay the postage to send it back. I am in an assisted living facility and have no way to get to a post office. I have asked him to send me a paid return slip and he refuses. So I will just keep the book and take the loss. I have no way to get the book back to him. He will not work with me. This book showing is not the book he sent me and I start school in two weeks. I just rented the correct textbook so I have it for class through another site.

There are some inconsistent statements found in the book. ...


There are some inconsistent statements found in the book. Author or publishers error? ........ In Chapter 3, in The Midlife Crisis in Women, page 108, 2nd paragraph states: "Studies of women by ethnicity and gender orientation found that lesbian women reported less emotional turmoil at midlife than did heterosexual women." But then in the green Highlights: Research on Jung's Ideas box on page 109 states: "(Research on the midlife crisis in women has found that:) -Homosexual women experience greater emotional difficulties than heterosexual women"

Ordered new, got used.


I bought this textbook "New" in loose leaf format. It arrived obviously used and just re-packaged in plastic to make it seem new. The top corner of the cover was completely folded in a way that could not have happened in shipping. My class hasn't started yet so I can't say anything about the content, I am just very displeased that I paid the price of a "new" textbook and received one that's used.

Good price


This book is a good book and I got it at a wonderful price. It is something I'll refer to always.

Psych Textbook


This was for an online class I took last semester. When I had time to read it, it was fairly interesting and easy to read. There is a lot of repetition, but psychology has only gone through so many phases since its academic recognition. The best part was, when I didn't have time to read the summaries at the end of each chapter were very comprehensive and I could skim through the bolded vocab words. I never got less than an 88% using this skimming method, and my average for tests was 93ish%. Good book. Well designed/laid out. Enjoyable if you're into psych.

Stickers on copy write page


The book came quickly, and is in really good shape, except, there are stickers on the copy write page. These stickers are advertisements and block important citation information. Which is not a very good thing for a college text book to have wrong with it considering you need to cite the text often to get a good grade. I was able to obtain the correct information from a classmate, but I would consider this to be a minor inconvenience.

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