They Thought They Had More Time: I Saw the Day of the Lord

They Thought They Had More Time: I Saw the Day of the Lord
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David Jones
Destiny Image
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Believe it or not… Jesus is coming!

David Jones received a vision that changed his life forever. It was as if someone gripped him by the arm and shook him awake. In an instant, he was hovering above the earth. Beautiful clear skies. Mountains and hills adorning the landscape below. People were continuing with business as usual, until...

Thick clouds consumed the sky.
     Darkness fell.
          Silence covered the earth.

Then, a deafening sound broke through the heavens and pierced every ear that heard it. Terror gripped the people, as they realized the Day of the Lord was not a fable. It had come and they had run out of time.

As you experience this vision for yourself, Jones’ book will:

  • Empower you to live every moment with eternal significance
  • Teach how to prepare for the end times
  • Show you how to get right with God

Learn to live every day ready for His return!

Customer Book Reviews

A powerful message you don't want to miss


Never heard of David Jones before learning about this book and I am glad I stumbled across his testimony on the vision he had that the book revolves around. He is a powerful preacher and he brings that to the book, providing stories from his ministries giving examples about the need to heed the call to repentance before it is too late. Though the message is very frightful, it is also scriptural to the letter. This isn't anything new he is pushing. It is right out of the Bible in several place that the Day of the Lord is set to come. In fact, I had a vision similar to that myself, but of how much sin is going to be in the world at that time, so I am always most definitely interested in what others have to share they have received from the Lord concerning the end-times. His is a get-ready message while there is still time, as no one knows when that time will be. Reading what he has to say about the frightful visions he had, which he had two similar ones in his life he writes about in this book, is like tuning in to your local newstation when the signs of a killer storm are spotted out in the ocean: you pay heed and you take the time to be prepared. We all know not every killer storm comes to us on every warning given, yet it is always wise to listen and stand ready for that impact. Jesus gave that same kind of advice to be ready when the signs start to come around his coming may be on the horizon. The safe than sorry, is always the better route. Besides, the advice that David Jones gives in his book is how we are called to live as Christians, so it is all good.

A must read!


Straight forward and no nonsense. Worth every penny. If this doesn't bring a change in one's life, then I don't know what will.

Every Christian should read!


I believe this book is vital to prepare ourselves for the end times. Every Christian believer must read it and share it with others.



For the Christian, this book sets forth a challenge for us to be living as if today is our last day on earth as we know it. It strongly encourages us to do everything we can to help others be aware that time is short before the Great Day of The Lord arrives. We all ultimately have to make our own choice of whether to be ready or not or even to believe the Bible's message that Christ is going to come back to earth. This book helps both the believer and nonbeliever make that decision. This book is powerful and based on the pure word of God.

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