Through the Eyes of the Lizard

Through the Eyes of the Lizard
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Through The Eyes Of The Lizard, a book conceptionalized and written by Steve Smith is the Ralph Waldo Emerson of the pool and billiard world. Steve Smith, affectionaly known as "sneaky Lizard" explains and demonstrates the metaphysical-spiritual sense of competitive pool combat always knowing he will win and take down the money. Sneaky Lizard, writes from his heart, and soul and is completely truthful with respect to all the events and characterization throughout the book. Steve Smith is a genius, even as a pool hustler. As Emerson stated:" Each of us has been born with a genius. There is something that each of us do very well. It has been assigned to us, and yet many of us every really pause in life to discover it deeply and then apply the other necessary ingredient. And that is drill. That is practice. That is taking that which is good and making it great. That is pursuing your niche. That is unveiling your uniqueness. That is finding your voice and learning how to vocalize -not like everybody else- but your way. that requires you to at times to swim upstream, to go against the flow, to stand out in the crowd declaring--Here I am, here is what I offer to create a much better world, -that is now better because I have not hidden my gift--and have risked rejection by bringing it forth in public." HARRY Platis Hall of fame inductee (action player)

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He was correct on the super bowl as we talked about how it was going ...


I met Steve aka Lizard in capitola/santa cruz, ca in jan 2014. He was correct on the super bowl as we talked about how it was going to come down. I watched him play Kenny C a few times and was amazed at how smooth and accurate he was/is. I am just a recreational bar room player but I really do appreciate the skill it takes to play the game. A really likeable guy. Of course I bought the book and When you talked about winning MaCready's money and spirit it was exactly like the second meeting with Fast Eddy beating Fats in the movie the Hustler. I also like when you stated your points on what it takes to be a big time competitor in the world of Pool Playing. You are a good man Steve, I wish you well, rich

good read


Very good read about a pool players life on the road and the the ups and downs on how to win the cash.

it's real, it's raw, it's really a great look into the life of a top pro pool player


Steve Smith just signed my copy of Through the Eyes of the Lizard, outside a little coffee shop in San Marcos, Texas where he has lived off and on for the last few years. Having read through this book of his, almost non-stop, I can only shake my head and offer a few amazed expletives. What a life! What a world! I had not idea. I, who can't sink a straight ahead shot into a corner pocket of a barroom table, had no idea of the level of art, the rock star lifestyle and the utter craziness that seems to be part and parcel of American pro pool playing. Damn! To get one issue out of the way, this book has not been carefully rewritten or edited. This is not some politician's slick and utterly fake ghost written account of a life presented through a politically correct (read self-serving) tome. This is raw, it is full of typos, grammatical errors and odd word usage. So is most of the language of conversation in a coffee shop, a bar, or a pool room for that matter. It reads almost like a screenplay. I should know, I am a decent writer and editor. After a few pages of reading however, these mistakes became part of the color of the book, like a very exotic woman whose lipstick is smeared, or a bit heavily applied. I prefer that to a glammed up, photoshopped, silicone breasted, injected lips, injected cheeks, made up, well lit but soulless model. Every story is real and every story is worth telling and every story is as real and raw as the language he sometimes uses. If you don't like explicit references to women, sex and pool, don't open this up, it will scare you, poor boy. If you like movies by Quentin T. for his ultra-realistic if over the top scenes, action and characters, well, this is just the book for you. In fact, while chatting outside with Steve this afternoon, I suggested he call Quentin and send him a copy. It would make a damn good movie. I'd sure pay to go see it. Except this isn't some an indie movie maker's twisted imagination at work. It's a very cool and twisted pool player of the very highest order reaping the memories of a rich and deeply lived balls to the wall life. If pool is your game and you know the players and admire what they do on TV or at tournaments, you will absolutely love this way inside view of Steve, who grew up getting his ass pounded at pool by his big brother in their rec room to flying high at the very pinnacle of the pool world, living with, hanging out playing and often defeating the very best of the best. Like rock 'n roll, the game attracts women. Lots of women, from the very very cheap (crack whores crawling for a ten dollar fix) to the very elite, the very expensive and the very fine category, the best of the best, to go with that level of pool hustler. Had I known when I was eighteen, I may have taken the game more seriously! In conclusion, buy this book, if you want a real and totally feral account of this man's wild and wonderful life. This book will appeal to everybody, to the coarsest interests, money, sex, the "life" as they call it as well as to the esoteric minded who would appreciate a gander into the remarkable spiritual awakening that Steve experienced on his path of life. This is the tao of pool, in real life. Will there be a sequel? Hey, he's still kicking, he's still got a stick in his hand. He's still got a whole lot of attitude. If he does write more, maybe he'll hire me for editing. But who cares? I like my pool players a little on the trashy side.

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