Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen (Ultimate Sticker Books)

Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen (Ultimate Sticker Books)
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Frozen journeys into theaters November 27, 2013, in Disney Digital 3D™ in select theaters.

From the studio behind 2010's Tangled and this year's Wreck-It Ralph, Walt Disney Animation Studios presents Frozen, the coolest comedy-adventure ever to hit the big screen. When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, Anna, a fearless optimist, teams up with extreme mountain man Kristoff and his sidekick reindeer, Sven, on an epic journey to find Anna's sister, the Snow Queen Elsa, and put an end to her icy spell. Encountering mystical trolls, a funny snowman named Olaf, Everest-like extremes, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

Aspiring princesses everywhere are sure to love the new Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen from DK. Packed with more than 60 exciting reusable stickers featuring beloved characters and icons from Frozen, kids will be able re-create their favorite scenes from the movie while learning fun and interesting movie facts along the way.

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Far from "Ultimate"


8 pages to put the stickers on plus the pages of stickers themselves does not qualify as "ultimate" in my opinion. Very disappointed. Stickers are ok quality, but not exceptional. Not worth the money spent!

Cute but for older kids


This is good quality for a sticker book although I must warn those with younger children. You find the stickers which are randomly placed in the middle pages to then stick in the first two and last four pages. But only that sticker will fit that box and for my 4.5 year old she is just learning her letters so she can't read the description to know exactly which sticker goes in which box. So for younger kids an adult needs to help but for say 6/7yr olds it would be a great school type project to work alone.

I'm so extremely disappointed.


This sticker book is a rip-off. I really don't understand all the positive reviews. There are not many stickers in the book. In fact, there are far fewer stickers than there are places for all the stickers. This means that in order to fill up all the pages, you have to buy additional stickers separately. Nothing in the description mentioned that and I don't think it is something that was obvious. I'm so extremely disappointed.

Disappointing sticker book


This sticker book is very disappointing. Yes, it's Frozen, which my daughter loves. I ordered this Frozen book for her and the Lego Movie sticker book (made by the same company) for my son. The Lego Movie book is huge! More than 1,000 stickers and tons of colorful pages. This book is tiny, flimsy and has a whopping 60 stickers. They were less than $2 different in price too. I realize Frozen merchandise is at a premium but the books aren't even comparable.

All the Frozen stickers you could possibly want, and more


My two little Frozen fanatics love this sticker book, though it's better for my 5 year old. The book is set up so that there are pages that have the outline and you have to find the right sticker. It's a great learning tool for us as we help him read the information and then he goes to hunt for the sticker (Example, next to an outline of Elsa:"Elsa's Secret: Having magical powers was fun when she was little, but now Elsa hides them from everhyone. Keeping such a big secret is difficult."). The stickers themselves have stunning color and clarity and they are straight from the movie. There are scenes of Anna in her coronation dress, Anna and Kristoff climbing down the rope after seeing Elsa, Elsa running across the fjord and freezing it on the way, Olaf smiling and looking like he's dancing while singing about summer, Elsa getting crowned, Prince Hans on his horse, Arendelle, and even little stickers that have 'Scandinavian' stylized designs. The sticker pages are in the middle and the 'fill in' pages in the beginning and the end, titled: -Princess Anna -Princess Elsa -Warm Friends -True Love The stickers are exactly as I'd like them to be in a children's book. They are easy to peel and are not super tacky - they stick well in the book but did not ruin my wood table when my daughter decided to decorate it. All stickers have white outlines and they are a fantastic treat for children to bring back the fun of the movie. I said it was better for my 5 year old because my 2 year old likes smaller stickers that she can put on the back of her hand. Most of these are just a little too big for that and won't stay on her hand.

Color and stickers


She loved this, put stickers on everyone and not the book, she had so much fun with this coloring and doing stickers. Thank you.

Super cute


My 6 year old daughter loved it! She adored the movie and the sticker booker offered all the characters from the movie.

Colorful stickers perfect for anyone who liked the film!


These stickers were just what I had hoped for--colorful and in a wide variety of designs. Bought for a gift and the recipient loved the stickers just as much as the Frozen film.



Excellent. My daughter is 8 and was all done with it, found everything, on 10 min. She loved it tho!

Big Smiles for this sticker book.


This was part of our Frozen theme Christmas as our six year old daughter was enchanted by the movie and all the characters. Stickers are a big thing with six year olds and our daughter was thrilled to giggles when she opened up this book. It's very well made and the stickers are easy for kids to use without help.

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