Understanding Food: Principles and Preparation

Understanding Food: Principles and Preparation
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UNDERSTANDING FOOD: PRINCIPLES AND PREPARATION is your introductory guide to learning about foods, food preparation, food service, and food science. Integrating these key topics with relevant information about nutrition and the food industry, the fourth edition gives you a thorough overview of the different dimensions of food principles--and insight into the variety of career options available in the food industry. Numerous photographs and illustrations help you understand and apply what you read.

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Really enjoy this book

By Motherof2 on Apr 05, 2014

I am currently taking a nutrition course and I love this book. It is like the foundation for understanding the concepts of the foods we eat everyday. The chapters are short for the most part, but it contains very good information. I also like the chemist corner and how & why sections. Another aspect of this book is the profiles for the different professionals and wished the author would have shown more.The only other downside is the price, wish it was a cheaper option to actually purchase this book instead of just renting it.

Good Book

By Michael Mrugala on Sep 10, 2013

This is good book for Dietetic and Culinary professionals. It is written in a form that is easy to understand. I will be keeping this book in my collection.


By Dylan M on Sep 05, 2012

Awesome quality. Very fast shipment. Great doing business. The book is in wonderful shape. It was a fair price listed. No complaints at all.


By S. Rapacchietta on Jan 27, 2013

Helpful textbook. Exactly what I needed for a class. Very easy to read and follow. Lots of information regarding food principles and preparation. Tis may also help me in the future as a reference book.


By Samantha on Sep 05, 2013

This book is easy to follow, a good reference guide for trying new innovations in ones own kitchen. A good price!

Expensive book but good

By Krisha on May 18, 2012

After I bought this book, I realized there was a cheaper version which is an e-book for $60 full print and you could read the book on your computer, tablet, phone, and print the pages. Next time! krishafj@gmail.com

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Understanding Food and it was written by Amy Christine Brown. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Jun 01, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $283.00. It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of 704 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 0538734981 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780538734981. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.