Wirtschaftswunder: Germany After the War, 1952-1967

Wirtschaftswunder: Germany After the War, 1952-1967
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Germany after the war 1952 - 1967 It was no more than eight years after the surrender of the Nazi government when Josef Heinrich Darchinger set out on his photographic journey through the West of a divided Germany. The bombs of World War II had reduced the country's major cities to deserts of rubble. Yet his pictures show scarcely any signs of the downfall of a civilization. Not that the photographer was manipulating the evidence: he simply recorded what he saw. At the time, a New York travel agency was advertising the last opportunity to go and visit the remaining bomb sites. Darchinger's pictures, in color and black-and-white, show a country in a fever of reconstruction. The economic boom was so incredible that the whole world spoke of an ""economic miracle."" The people who achieved it, in contrast, look down-to-earth, unassuming, conscientious, and diligent. And increasingly, they look like strangers in the world they have created.

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A beautifully illustrated book showing how Germany has reborn from ashes to become Europe's leading nation


Wirtschaftswunder is a long German word that means literally "Economics Wonder". The book is plenty of pictures on post war Germany showing how this nation was able to recover from the WW II nightmare to be the motor of Modern Europe, mainly because of the US help through Marshall Plan, but also due to German people tenacity and hardworking. Texts are presented in German, English and French. It covers the period starting from the immediate post war time up to late sixties and pictures are presented according to a thematic including family, economics and politics affairs. Pictures are full of color, amazingly sharp and very well chosen to symbolize each subject from quotidian childhood life to Kennedy visit to West Berlin. I strongly recommend it to those interested in WW II and the 20th century history.

The Economic Miracle of the 20th Century ...


This photo-documentary proves that when a people are determined to rebuild their lives, they will roll up their sleeves and get to work. The example of the re-birth of West Germany from the ruins and rubble of the Second World War should be thrown in the face of those nations that whine and complain about Western, ie USA Imperialism. Unlike a lot of nations at present who have been receiving billions of dollars in American aid, yet still are backward due to their incessant "perpetual victim" state of mind, the Germans after 1945 realized they had the opportunity for a fresh start, and they "seized the moment". Unfortunately, history does not always repeat itself. There are far too many nations and people at present who blame their backward state on the West, yet are too inept and/or lazy to improve their lot. This book proves the Germans should be commended for what they have accomplished.

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