Women at the Cross: Experiencing the Wonder and Mystery of Christ's Love

Women at the Cross: Experiencing the Wonder and Mystery of Christ's Love
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Who were the women present at Christ's crucifixion? Why did they come, and why did they stay? What did they see? What did they hear? How do their actions speak to people today? In searching for answers to these and other questions, author Linda Lesniewski discovered that she shared a spiritual kinship with the women who stood there as well as those who have been changed by the cross throughout the years. Women who read this book will discover a new depth of love for Jesus Christ and realize a greater appreciation for his sacrifice. They will experience the wonders and mysteries of Christ's love, and their faith will be strengthened. Perfect for small groups or personal study, Women at the Cross brings alive the devotion, loyalty, and servanthood of the women who came, who stayed, and who continue to come even today.

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"Women at the Cross"


Love this author. This was a great Bible study leading up to Easter. Our ladies Bible study group really enjoyed this one. It reminds us how important women were to Jesus and the events that took place leading up to his death and resurrection.



I really enjoyed this book. Great of point of view from women that loved Him so much!! Thank you! God Bless!

A new, unique outlook on Jesus' followers


This book is both inspirational and informative.The women who walked alongside Jesus throughout His life are rarely mentioned, but were faithful right along with the other disciples.Thank you, Linda, for showing these women to us in such a beautiful way.I definitely recommend this book.

At the cross...and beyond


"Women at the Cross" is a devotional or Bible study type book for women. It started with the women who are named as those with Jesus at the cross and resurrection. The author explained what we know about them and gave some cultural and daily life information about women at that time. She then used Scripture and cultural background information to write a "filled out" description of Jesus' death and resurrection. The second part of the book gave brief biographies of some notable Christian women through the ages who have lived and died to spread the Good News. These biographies were so brief that I'm not sure how much impact they have. I've read more detailed biographies on many of these women, and maybe the intent was to interest the readers in learning more. The last part was about how modern women have and can respond to Christ's death and resurrection. I've read a lot of Bible culture and reference books, so I didn't learn anything new from this short ebook. However, if you're not familiar with this type of information and would like a brief "Christian women's history," then this is a good presentation of it.

Great stories


Written very well and great inspiring stories about women of God in the bible, publicly at the Cross, and women who are spiritually at the Cross, through out history. Love this book.

Excellent resource and study of women at the cross not just then but throughout the ages, right up today!


Written in four parts this book looks in depth at the seven women that were at the cross and much more. Part I - Examining the events during the six hours at Calvary. Chapter 1 - Who were the women who "silently agonized nearby throughout the day?" They were Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna, Mary the mother of James and Joses, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary's sister and Salome. They not only saw the crucifixion of Jesus but also of the two thieves. Crucifixion was a 'grizzly task.' These women saw the soldiers breaking the legs of the two thieves. Why did they do that? To prevent the person being crucified from pushing up on their legs to allow air into their lungs, therefore hastening death. This was not a pleasant scene! Imagine if you were a mother watching on! Chapter 2 - Women and their world examines the culture of the time. Most women were only valued as child bearers. Chapter 3 looks at each woman individually. Chapter 4 examines their feelings. Bewilderment - last week Jesus was revered, this week crucified. Piercing anguish and grief, terror, feeling of abandonment, exhaustion etc. Chapter 5 - All they had to offer was themselves. Part II - Burial and Resurrection which includes looking at Jewish Burial Customs Chapter 7 - Visiting the Tomb Chapter 8 - Sharing the Good News What did the death and resurrection of Jesus really accomplish? Part III - What Other Women Served Christ During the Earliest Years of the Christian Church? Chapter 9: Vibia Perpetua - 203 AD - an early martyr with amazing faith Catherine of Siena - 1347 -1380 - stayed in Siena to help sufferers of the Black Death Ann Judson - 1789 - 1826 Ann and her husband, Adoniram, were the first missionaries to Burma. Chapter 10 - Women who Opened their Homes Priscilla - leader in the early church Marcella - late 300's Katherine von Bora - 1499 - 1552, wife of Martin Luther. She had escaped from a convent with 10 other nuns in herring barrels! Susanna Wesley - 1669 - 1742, the mother of John and Charles Wesley Chapter 11 - Women who Influenced through their Resources Paula * Isabella of Castile * Vittoria Colonna * Emily Tubman Chapter 12 - Women who Instructed and Encouraged Hilda * Hannah Moore * Amanda Smith * Pandita Ramabai Not sure who all these women are? Get the book and find out! Part IV- Women at the Cross Today Chapter 13 - That's you and me! We, as Christian women of the 21st century have access to God's word. We do not have to rely on someone else to read the scriptures to us. We have the freedom to celebrate. Chapter 14 - Remembering the Cross The Lord's Supper * Art * Spoken and Written Word * Worship and Prayer Chapter 15 - Responding with Love and Faithfulness Love Christ Passionately * Face Your Fears * Move Out From the Crowd * Be Effective Where You Are * Remain Faithful Chapter 16 - Living at the Foot of the Cross Know You Are Alive in Christ * Feel God's Loving Embrace * Worship at the Cross Appendix - Putting It All Together Well-written and put together book where you will learn WAY more than just the women at the cross. Great for personal or group study. Highly recommended!

It was okay


After the first few chapters, I raced through the book I did not gain anything new or helpful from this book.

Absolutely loved this book!


Excellent information in an easy to read and understand format. Reading it at Passover was the perfect time for me as well. What a gift to be able to 'Come to the Cross'!

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