Your Body can Heal Itself: Over 87 Foods Everyone Should Eat

Your Body can Heal Itself: Over 87 Foods Everyone Should Eat
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Product Description

With over 87 foods that everyone should eat, this book shows you how to eat until you're full and still lose weight, lower your cholesterol without expensive drugs, and keep your eyesight sharp even as you age, and much more!

Customer Book Reviews

Book titled Your Body Can Heal Itself


This the best health reference book that I have ever read. I bought several copies to distribute to my family members. It is actually like an encyclopedia of healthy foods. The vegetables are listed in alphabetical order and then fruits are also listed in alphabetical order with a description of their values and benefits to one's diet. Full of information and explanations of how foods work in the body. For instance, on page 4 of the book, it explains how fiber is good for a person's diet. It relates that the body cannot digest fiber; therefore, it is referred to by the book as "the original zero-calorie snack." The back of the book lists ailments in alphabetical order and the nutrients in certain foods that can help relieve these ailments.

GREAT read!!!


was offered this book by a health site for more then i wanted to came to AMAZON and found it cheaper..bought it and LOVED It!! full of tons of useful information in regards to losing weight, something i had already in place....but this helped me further and more then expected....a MUST buy!!

Good book for healthy eating


This book was purchased to help me learn what foods would help me get several health issues under control that would be suitable for a very picky eater. I haven't read the whole book but what I have read is clearly written and easily understood. What I've read is also helpful. One thing I like about this compared to similar books I have purchased in the past is it has a good index for finding information on specific foods.

Your Body Can Heal Itself


It proved to be a very useful book. I ordered this copy to give as a gift after I was previously given a copy. The recipient is someone who has to carefully watch his diet in order to avoid headaches.

very basic information that you can find in the internet


I did not find anything new, that you couldn't find in the internet. I would not recommend it,unless you don't have access to a PC.

Your Body can heal Itself


This book was the perfect price. I was expecting some over the top news about foods that are good for your body. If you keep aware of news regarding food that is beneficial, the book is repetitive.

Book how to eat healthy


So far I started to eat healthy because of the many hits this book have. I will recomend to my friends.

Comment re order for "Your Body Can Health Itself"


This book was exactly what I wanted .... I already had one and this one was for a friend!!!! How come one more word needed??? Joyce Brabbins

Good Book


Very good book, very helpful, would definitely recommend to anyone who cooks or is just beginning to cook, would make a great gift :)

Your body can heal itself


After 10 years of chemical pills still showing little results I decided to stay looking for answers to better heal myself by using what I eat instead of paying for over priced meds. I purchased 2 of these books one as a gift and one for me. I just skimmed them as I opened them. There are several health issues I have that are in the book. I am looking forward to brewing some green tea and reading this book. It is another publication from FC&A; I like them cause they are to the point. You look for a disease and they say what might help. I don't have to read 1/2 the book for the answer I am looking for. If you want fast answers this is the book for you. Good luck and healthy eating.

It's fine


It has some good ideas about eating healty. However, some of the information is out dated. For example, it still suggest you use fake sweetners instead of sugar when we now know the fake sugars are unhealthy. They also tell you to use fake butter when it has also been proven unhealthy.

i received on time


this item has many interesting information of foods. very helpful in choosing the correct ingredients for cooking and eating foods.

good value


guess i was expecting more from this book. yes you can heal yourself but dang just too much to get to the point

book review


I read the book some, but didn't find very much helpful information in it. Some things are just common sense.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Your Body can Heal Itself and it was written by Fc & a Medical Publishing (Editor). This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Dec 30, 2008 and it has a suggested retail price of $12.95. It was published by F C & a Pub and has a total of 378 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1932470840 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781932470840. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.