"...officer down, code three."

"...officer down, code three."
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"...officer down, code three."

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A walk on the darker side of law enforcement...


This is a very good book which has several fictional stories about simple mistakes that can cause an officer their life either from their own mistakes or others. One of the stories is about an officer who is riding shotgun with his partner driving and is constantly falling asleep in the car while on patrol. His partner tries to talk to him about it but gets rebuffed with the other officer saying, "It'll be alright." etc. Until one day, the sleeping officer is jolted awake by gunfire and a car speeding away. The officer jumps out of the car and rushes to his partner laying on the street in front of it and discovers two large gunshot wounds to his partners chest. Instinctively he grabs his shoulder mike and says, "38-80 Officer down, code three!" The radio crackles back, "38-80, Your location?" The officer stands up, looks around and sees nothing familiar. Just a road surrounded in trees. Racing through his mind, trying to remember where he is. The radio crackles again, "38-80, WHAT IS YOUR LOCATION?" Looking down at his partner, literally dying in front of him, he cannot remember where he is or how he got there...



this book is a must for all new and old law enforcement officers. i stole my dad's copy several years before becoming a law enforcement officer. i make a point to read the book cover to cover every few years. the same principles still apply today. the book is very informative and entertaining at the same time.

Staying Alive


A classic gem of the police procedural world and invaluable to authors and readers. I'm lucky to have a signed first edition copy and enjoy browsing through the stories of how an officer must always be on the alert for the unexpected. "...OFFICER DOWN, CODE THREE." was for many years the only book out there for police training and in many aspects has not been surpassed by later efforts. Over and over Pierce R. Brooks stresses the refrain "use your common sense." The book is a gold mine for authors looking for story ideas of the period. It was invaluable for us as our stories occured during the period when this was fresh information and it is sometimes difficult to obtain data about our recent past when computers were not an everyday tool. Writing as a Small BusinessSins of the Fathers: A Brewster County NovelQualifying Laps: A Brewster County Novel

A classic!


I have my Dad's copy that he received from P. Brooks. I think it's a book every young officer should read. Even today, the points he made in all those stories are the same for cops everywhere.

good inside perspective


This is a good book for new wives or husbands of officers and their families. It will give you some insight as to what really goes on in the lives of an officer and how they feel. Buy it for a friend or family member who may be having trouble understanding their law enforcement loved one.

Every police officer should read.


I read this book years ago, then lost track of it. Could not find it for years. This book helped keep me alive during my 25 years as a police officer in sin city. If you have a relative in law enforcement, get this for them. Amazon has it.

From a Law Enforcement Officers point of view.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review such a valuable literary work of art! I am a Law Enforcement Officer of 15 years who has survived Stage IV Throat Cancer and have become a published Author. I had my first Novel Published and I'm proud of that and I'm working on the second Novel that will hopefully lead to a successful writing career, but I do miss the Police Department! Well after Cancer and during my recovery, I realized I would no longer be able to "Protect and Serve" so I went through my memorabalia from throughout my years as a Northern California Peace Officer, one of the most important of which I could not locate? And that was "Officer Down Code Three" By Pierce R. Brooks! It was given to me when I graduated the Police Academy and started work on the streets of a large Northern Californa Department. It was a gift from my first watch commander who told me "to not only read the book but to use the words as an inspiration" and learn from the wisdom of the Los Angeles Police Officer who wrote it because the words in the book would help me to become an outstanding Police Officer! And he was very right too! Because for the first ten years of service I constantly refered to that book when I'd make a mistake and live through it! So then I started to refer to that book so much that I could almost recite any part of it to make a point of safety to my fellow Police Officers and eventually, when I became A Training Officer" for new recruits, I used the book's wisdom to help me guide those recruits in a positive manner! So when I couldn't find the copy that was given to me in 1991 I went on Amazon.com and purchased this copy! So I thank uguys for having it available and I "highly recommend that anyone even considering a career in Law Enforcement" get themselves a copy and read the book because it's value cannot be gauged.

This Is Where It All Began


This book pioneered police survival. Some of it may seem dated now. But the issues remain the same. Everyone can learn from this book. It is like the Colt .45 1911 handgun. Others may hold more rounds and be more compact. But this is the primary one, the one that you can depend on. It comes from harsh experience of what works and what does not. Like any good book, this will stir arguments. Partners will debate over a cold one or inside the black-and-white patrol car. Brooks knew that. He knew that being a safe officer sometimes meant being an unpopular officer. In this book, and in policing, partners sometimes cover up their friend's blind spots and do not try to correct them. That is human nature. Few want to argue with a co-worker. But sometimes that results in police funerals. If you are in law enforcement, probation, parole or anything similar, you should buy this book. If you care about anyone in those fields, please buy them this book. ------ Frank Hickey, LAPD Retired and the writer of the Max Royster crime novels through Pigtown Books.

Hard. To. Find.


My LEO husband mentioned this book in passing once, and it had to find it. He had never read it but in police circles it's considered a classic. It's not modern. So the stories are a bit dated. If you ignore the statistics and just get the message, it's the kind of book every cop should read, and more than once.

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